The cervical spine is involved with many pain complaints in the neck, upper trunk, head, and upper extremities.   It may also be a factor in conditions affecting the heart and respiratory system.  During our recent session – Manual Therapy Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of the Cervical Spine, we discussed the mechanical function of the cervical spine in normal conditions and in dysfunction, including its transition with the base of the cranium and upper thorax.

This class, held at The Exchange Office Building in Towson, on April 30-May 1 2022 reviewed the anatomy, biomechanics, embryology and neurology of the region.  Particular attention was given to how the anterior and posterior cervical regions are different in how they develop and function and in the way they should be treated.

Various methods of evaluation of the cervical spine were presented to help more precisely identify the areas of concern. Also included were tests to the vertebral artery and upper cervical ligaments that can identify when treatment is unsafe to begin. Multiple treatment options were demonstrated and practiced that included techniques to correct musculoskeletal, fascial, and autonomic nervous system dysfunctions.

We look forward to our next class, Manual Therapy Treatment of the Gastrointestinal System – Part 2 (Absorption-Elimination), that will held on October 15-16, 2022.