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Treatment of the Genitourinary System

During our recent session – Manual Therapy Treatment of the Genitourinary System, we discussed how to treat disorders in the urinary and reproductive systems of both men and women that are contributing to patients’ complaints.  These complaints include not only specific ones related to the function of either system, but [...]

Cranial Base to T4 Class Recap

During our recent session – A Segmental Review of the Spine - Part 1 (Cranial Base to T4), the first part of a 3-part series, we discussed the part each segment of the spine from levels C1 through T4 plays in movement and daily activities; autonomic nervous system imbalance; [...]

Cervical Spine Class Recap

The cervical spine is involved with many pain complaints in the neck, upper trunk, head, and upper extremities.   It may also be a factor in conditions affecting the heart and respiratory system.  During our recent session – Manual Therapy Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of the Cervical Spine, we [...]

2022 Classes Announced

We have an exciting lineup of classes in 2022 - so mark your calendar to plan ahead. Be sure to sign up early - space is limited - and beat the price increases as they get closer. April 30-May 1, 2022 Manual Therapy Approach to Evaluation [...]

Gastrointestinal Class Recap

Gastrointestinal disorders are a common non-musculoskeletal reason why people have pain, systemic inflammation, and difficulty performing their desired activities.  Many of these gastrointestinal disorders involve problems with digestion. During our recent session – Manual Therapy Treatment of the Gastrointestinal System – Part 1 (Digestion), we discussed how treating aberrant physiology [...]

New Fascial Considerations Recap

While treatment of fascial restrictions has been a part of manual therapy for years, there has been greater emphasis on joint dysfunctions and muscle tightness. However, recent research findings have suggested that the fascia is playing a much bigger role than previously understood in regard to tissue mobility and restriction, [...]

COVID-19 – Manual Therapy Steps That Can Be Used to Lessen the Effects During or After a Respiratory Infection: A Practitioner’s Guide

During, and especially after the COVID-19 virus has been controlled enough to allow us to resume our normal lives, we may see a slew of patients that present with aching and/or restriction in the upper trunk, neck, and head. Attached you will find a comprehensive guide focused on the treatment to change the [...]

Fluid Dynamics Class Recap

Many patients with chronic pain complaints have a delayed healing response due to the inability of the body to clean itself up. In order to have proper healing, oxygen and nutrients need to be delivered via the arteries to the irritated tissues and the waste products and inflammatory chemicals need [...]

Treatment of Pelvis Class Recap

Dysfunctions of the pelvis and lumbar spine are one of the most commonly seen areas of problem in manual therapy. In spite of this, it remains one of the areas that is the least effectively treated. It is common to hear patient’s complain that the recently treated lumbopelvic dysfunctions [...]

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