COVID-19 – Manual Therapy Steps That Can Be Used to Lessen the Effects During or After a Respiratory Infection: A Practitioner’s Guide

During, and especially after the COVID-19 virus has been controlled enough to allow us to resume our normal lives, we may see a slew of patients that present with aching and/or restriction in the upper trunk, neck, and head. Attached you will find a comprehensive guide focused on the treatment to change the [...]

Fluid Dynamics Class Recap

Many patients with chronic pain complaints have a delayed healing response due to the inability of the body to clean itself up. In order to have proper healing, oxygen and nutrients need to be delivered via the arteries to the irritated tissues and the waste products and inflammatory chemicals need [...]

Treatment of Pelvis Class Recap

Dysfunctions of the pelvis and lumbar spine are one of the most commonly seen areas of problem in manual therapy. In spite of this, it remains one of the areas that is the least effectively treated. It is common to hear patient’s complain that the recently treated lumbopelvic dysfunctions [...]

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