Gastrointestinal disorders are a common non-musculoskeletal reason why people have pain, systemic inflammation, and difficulty performing their desired activities.  Many of these gastrointestinal disorders involve problems with digestion.

During our recent session – Manual Therapy Treatment of the Gastrointestinal System – Part 1 (Digestion), we discussed how treating aberrant physiology involving digestion can help to decrease pain complaints, restore gastrointestinal function, and  improve restrictions of body motion.

This class, held at The Exchange Office Building in Towson, on December 4-5, 2021 reviewed the the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system and common digestive disorders that occur.  Various methods of evaluation of the GI tract, including how to perform a good layer palpation, were presented to help more precisely identify which of the organs of digestion are contributing to the problem.  Multiple treatment options were demonstrated and practiced that included fascial release of visceral restrictions, correcting autonomic nervous system imbalances, and minimizing lymphatic congestion in the irritated digestive organs.

We look forward to another year of classes in 2022 with topics including the Manual Therapy Treatment of the Gastrointestinal System – Part 2 (Absorption and Elimination), A Manual Therapy Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of the Cervical Spine, and Segmental Disorders of the Spine – Part 1 (Cranial Base to T4). Class dates for these courses will be finalized shortly and posted here.